T.O.P Reviews: Hypnagogia- Nigh/T\mare (Thrènes)


The new release by  Nigh/T\mare, on Swiss label Thrènes, is a requiem for the unseen, for the unfelt. Heavy, incisive sounds, slowly bludgeoning our minds, through torturous broken beats, thrown like solid bricks to the head. Noise atmosphere surrounded by murky and fearless percussion. An interference of a dreadful nightmare, a blurry interpretation of an uncertain cosmos. The EP encompasses Killawatt’s brutal waves, represented by his special remix of “Deflagration of Hell”. Hypnagogia is an immoral dystopia of a new world, without Gods. A faithless romp for those without rules and no shame.

The stops of the journey are:

1. Inside me

2.Without believing

3. Deflagration of Hell

4. Deflagration Of Hell (Killawatt Longer Trip Rework)

5. Storm

released October 12, 2018