T.O.P Podcast 42: Void Cells (UK)

Void Cells is the alias of Latvian, Bristol based producer, Aleksejs Apolskis. To date he has several releases on Blind Allies. His music is driven by sonic philosophy and science, trying to interpret what is behind the boundaries as well as reverse the entropy.

Tonight, on Tales of Psychofonia, Aleksejs is delivering  a special  techno set, suitable  for late hours sweating, techno spiritualism and feet stomping. A soundscape of warehouse vibes for passionate ravers. Deranged beats fighting with acid blades, all picturing some ecstatic techno warriors in a totally dusky basement.


Void Cells – Ima Interference [Blind Allies]
Cirkle – Invaders [DYAD]
Farceb – Skeptical [PoleGroup]
Reeko – Bad Mood [PoleGroup]
Kwartz – No way out of the hole [PoleGroup]
Cirkle – Tension [Float Records (NL)]
Pfirter – Anti Routine [MindTrip]
Regis – A Necklace Of Bites [Downwards]
Kuf & Dold – Mint [MindTrip]
Yan Cook – Mill [ON Records]
Milton Bradley – Spiral Of Silence [Do Not Resist The Beat!]
Sigha – Puritan [Hotflush Recordings]
Setaoc Mass – Eurhythmic [SK_Eleven]
Void Cells – Shifted Constanta [Unsigned]