#RED SERIES# Tale VI: Vollok/2907

Nature is us, us as pure sentient beings. We are bleeding thus nature is bleeding, too. Blood is life and life is blood. The RED SERIES are tales of music extracted from our collective unconscious, from our earthly hypostasis. Music as the Angel watcher of the Earth. #REDSERIES

Vollok (Grigory Rybakov)  based in Saint – Petersburg, Russia is curating the 6th tale of our Red Series. Vollok is inspired by genres such as EBM, experimental, dark electro/darkwave, minimal synth, noise and industrial techno. His music taste is represented by labels such as Mute records, MCA, Wax Trax! Records, Hospital Productions, Domestic Violence, L.I.E.S., Rush Hour, Posh Isolation, Aufnhame+ Wiedergabe, Pinkman and Sonic Groove to name but a few.
The 6th tale of our Red series is a slow journey full of agony, drums, abyssal atmosphere angry synths and primal voices. A super eclectic sound trip covering genres from ebm to dark electro and dark wave. 2907 by Vollok, is a story unique in its musical range and a content of obscure electronics, with subliminal messages of dark, noisy machine grooves and industrial soundscapes. Filled with slow and dank vibes that help to express this message.


Anenzephalia – Megalomaniac-RRRecords
Love cult – Nothing makes it real-Trensmat
Balaban – Takarini- Common Thread
Credit 00 – Odyssey- Uncanny Valley
Markus gibb – Dyatlov- Common Thread
Nick klein – Collector- Uknown Precept
Orestt – Bunker 95- Uknown Precept
Maska Genetic – Ocean-Galakthorrö
Ngly – Xii- L.I.E.S.
Noise unit – Dry lungs- Wax Trax! Records
Siaubas – Haunted white paper- Power Cuts
Tecwaa – Fervour- Frigio records
In aeternam vale – Animals don’t mind- Minimal Wave