T.O.P Reviews: Reka- Diving The Innermost (BITE)

Released on BITE, Reka’s riveting E.P “Diving The Innermost” is a physical or mental journey of someone (or possibly yourself) diving into the mysterious pool of the inner core of a psychosis, revealing the innermost fears, doubts, dreams and ambitions. The journey masked in darkness through the use of EBM and techno, embedded with the samples of the eerie whispers of the brain’s darkest thoughts, is used purposefully to remove yourself from society and to look into yourself out of necessary compulsion. “Under My Eyelids” ending the E.P in the most epic and thought-provoking manner implies towards the expression ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’, which can impose on anyone with spiritual beliefs.

The stops of the journey are:
Diving The Innermost
Under My Eyelids
released October 26, 2018