T.O.P Reviews: The Soft Moon-Criminal/ remixed/ (aufnahme + wiedergabe)

The Soft Moon’s Criminal (remixed) is not just an EP filled with deviant and hard to swallow up- tempo sound, but tells a story. Its chronological track list of a character with likeable and pitiful traits through being society’s outcast (as we perceive as listeners to the original LP) is transformed into a monster, unveiled with a destructive and serial killer tendency. Through the label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe’s label, the melancholic and industrial sound of The Soft Moon has been remixed by some of the most brazen master’s of the dark side of electronic music, such as Ansome and The Horrorist.

The character in the EP goes on a carnage rampage eliminating anything in its site, in an animalistic, emasculated way, which is heard through harsh beats and the sinister vocals, giving a cold wave ambience. “The Pain”, finishing off, gives a full circle  of rendition encompassing mental, physical and emotional pain, this EP feeds through the blend of post punk and techno.

The stops of the journey are:

Like A Father (Imperial Black Unit Remix)
Ill (Sarin Remix)
Criminal (SHXCXCHCXSH Remix)
Young (Lokier Remix)
Burn (Ansome Remix)
Choke (Craow Remix)
It Kills (Rendered Remix)
The Pain (The Horrorist Remix)

released November 2, 2018