T.O.P Reviews: Jack Roland- Control/Applications (Natural Sciences)

This one could not be missing from our T.O.P reviews, as it is a gem of excessive quality. Mr Jack Roland shows his talent and his mastery through  four first- rate tracks released on Manchester’s Natural Sciences. Aery, club aesthetics blended with warehouse vibes of bone-shaking electro breaks and industrial sounds, resulting to a supreme outcome. Warm, heavy base, slowly elevating your feet and finally your mind. The perfect break in the middle of a long techno mayhem. The in-between dance, able to seduce your mind and release the suppressed energy. Excellent, atmospheric and very well-curated. Control/Applications could be an eternal DNA modification through dance. Simply unrivalled.

The stops of the journey are:

OST Contract 
Nyke Club 
Emotion (CGI Feed) 
Tunnel S3 

released August 3, 2018