Interview: Granite Mask (Ascetic House)

Interview by Helena Markos

Granite Mask: Started the project to experiment with electronic sounds.  I was playing in bands at the time and just wanted to start something on my own that I could do easily in my bedroom. As far as the name goes, part of it came from a book and I just thought it sounded cool.

T.O.P: Is there any specific environment/ mindset you need to be in in order to create music? 

Granite Mask: No specific mindset really, but my ideal environment is to make music at home. I have a small set up in my living room so its very easy for me to work on stuff anytime I am home. I get the most work done when I wake up early, make a cup of coffee and immediately start jamming on gear and recording.  I take a few breaks throughout the day and come back to it with fresh ears and finish it up.

T.O.P: How do you see the electronic music scene nowadays? Do you think that there is a reflection on the current social and political status quo? 

Granite Mask: Not too sure to be honest, I’m not too involved in “the scene”. I just like to produce music at home and occasionally play gigs when asked. 
Maybe not here in Los Angeles where I live, but in other parts of the country for sure- (like the Bay Area or Portland) there is a reflection of current political/social issues.

T.O.P: Is there any crazy story that happened to you while performing?

T.O.P: At what point of your journey are you now ? Any future plans? 

Granite Mask: I’m at a point now where I’ve been producing quite a bit over the past year and trying to get some new releases ready. Taking a break from gigs until a few releases come out. I also have some other projects I’m involved in that are in the process of recording. 

Future plans involve heading back out to Europe next year.  Playing some one off shows with my friend Khris as V.S.C.C. and finishing up two new records with my friend Marfisia, as Mortal Bodies.

Granite Mask: I can’t believe this project that I started in my bedroom because I was bored turned into me playing outside of my city and meeting new people. And I’m really blown away when someone actually asks to buy a record or a tape! 

T.O.P.: What are your influences? 

I am always amazed and influenced by new music coming out. I’m all over the map as far as electronic music goes, and it constantly motivates me and drives me to my machines.

T.O.P: If music was a treatment for migraine which album/ tune would you choose for that? 

Granite Mask: