T.O.P Reviews: Lemna- Figure & Ground (Sacred Court)

This is the debut of the Japanese artist Lemna on SNTS´s label Sacred Court. Lemna orchestrates a four track EP and the result is absolutely astonishing. “Convergence” is the alteration of our consciousness through a primitive primal rhythm,  which is gradually building up an ecstatic mind experience. “Bicameral Mind” is a techno ritual, characterised by a drone riding melody, leading to an outlandish peak, where everything is possible. “Projection” is a steady march, passing through your inner demons, towards the fulfilment of your potential. “Incoherent” is a whirlwind around yourself, a track full of spasmodic beats and sounds, like injections of tranquillisers. “Figure & Ground” is an escape from your own self, as well as the limit you are now daring to cross. The whole result is aesthetically enriched by the beauty of its witching artwork, tailored by our favourite photographer Teresa Espadafor.

Released: 25th January, 2019