T.O.P Reviews: Silent Servant- Shadows Of Death & Desire (Hospital Productions)

SILENT SERVANT and Master of the dark underworld presents another masterpiece released on Hospital Productions, in December 2018. A clean mirror of Juan Mendez’s exceptional and deep perception on electronic music, with the most prominent EBM character, fondled by gentle, dark-wave whipping. An atmosphere filled with voices from the unrevealed past, subtle distractions for the mind.

The whole LP is what the title suggest, oscillating moods between death and desire. “Illusion” is a slow dark electro wandering, with unknown destination. “Harm in Hand” is an EBM torture for those who are helpless daydreamers, fearing no “Damage”, a bold and sexy body movement, like the ones only Silent Servant can dictate. Then, all of a sudden a more dramatic response with the “Loss Response” which is a delirious, mindless and ecstatic “24-hours” dance, a prayer for the unseen. “Glass Veil” is later on coming to sooth the pain and to help you recover from the madness of the lost self, showing you the way for an “Optimistic Decay”, as pain means growth.

Shadows of Death & Desire is a selector’s LP, a lullaby for the rebellious and an inspiration for the new-bohemians.

The stops of the journey are:

Harm In Hand
Loss Response
24 Hours
Glass Veil
Optimistic Decay