T.O.P Reviews: O/V/R – The World Remade (Downwards)

Duo and UK techno heavyweights Karl O’Connor (a.k.a Regis) and James Ruskin bring out their 3rd studio release “The World Remade”, brewing with groove and soul in every single track. The EP can enable you to envision a future that can only be made better by music, whilst allowing the movement of your body to form mesmerising nebulas only seen in outer space. ‘The World Remade’ upbeat percussion and baselines take you to a dystopian future, the underground filled with human and A.I. dance enthusiasts. These citizen dancers of a destructed earth are giving hope through the persistent motion and optimism that lifts you to a more utopian future that is ‘Reversing Into Tomorrow’. The screeches and rips effects, later heard, are the sounds of the new transportation that takes you through the galaxies and universe to a new planet, that may be called home, finishing with ‘New Departures’.

The stops of the journey are:
The World Remade
Lock 1
Lock 2
Reversing into Tomorrow
New Departures

released, December 2018