T.O.P 10 of 2018

Tales of Psychofonia says goodbye to 2018, with a post dedicated to those records that have influenced us and had a significant impact on both our minds and bodies. Ten records, that we believe had contributed to the shaping of what we call mindful electronic music. Please note that the order is completely random. We pick up our favourite tune from each EP/LP. We wish you Merry Christmas and an adventurous and mindful 2019!

  1. Aisha Devi- DNA Feelings (Houndstooth)

2. Nigh/T\mare- Hypnagogia (Thrènes)

3. Giant Swan- Whities 016 (Whities)

4. Various Artists- The other side (Metempsychosis Records)

5. REKA- Diving the Innermost (BITE)

6. Jack Roland -Control/Applications (Natural Sciences)

7. AQXDM- Aegis (Bedouin records)

8. Karim Maas- Old World Disorder/009 (UVB-76)

9. The Empire Line- Rave (Northern Electronics) 

10. Reflective Souls- No looking back (Hard Beach Entertainment)