T.O.P Reviews: VTSS-Self Will (Intrepid Skin)

VTSS‘s (Martyna Maja)  new EP ‘Self Will’ is a very first release from powerhouse SPFDJ, on her label Intrepid Skin. The titles of the tracks send a message of female empowerment of both the artist, and record label owner.

The strong attitude is ‘Linked’ in through eerie bleeps and cathartic alarms, and the engineered sounds of a buzz saw. The artist’s ‘Self Will’ is signified via hammering beats, aligned with menacing kick drums and baselines, giving assurance of the sweet anarchy and control, that will bestow upon the listener’s ears. The two defying genres, techno and EBM, are manufactured in perfect union to present ‘Versatility’. The final track ‘Fruition’ encompasses the EP with electronic waves and rhythmic sounds, engulfing into an explosion of enjoyment and celebration. It closes of with the message that the artist has attained her goal and reached fulfilment with her new release, she represents the pride in her work, through the power of her music. A strong message of ‘I am an unstoppable force and not one to be reckoned with’ is clearly heard throughout.


The stops of the journey are:


Self Will



released December 20, 2018