T.O.P Interview: Clarence Park (Larmes) + Track Premiere

Words by Helena Markos

Clarence Park is a French producer dedicated to creating dark experimental/electronic music of highly conceptual frame. Solid baselines, mesmerizing beats and psychotropic, heart-rending melodies. A slow exorcism of the untamed nature and a soundtrack for an endless internal wandering. Spiritual spells and magic atmosphere. LARMES is Clarence Park’s world and the name of his own high-grade imprint. We are happily getting absorbed by it, and we totally recommend this label, for its uncompromising and highly distinguished sound.

LARMES as a valley of tears and emotions, secreted by the power of the sound. A sound almost linked to these parts of the brain that make us entering higher states of mind and self-discovery. Clarence Park’s aesthetics could be the ones of our personal hell, which we ought to go through, in order to reach heavenly states. Absolutely dark, primal and organic.

In the light of the upcoming “Sacred Grounds – Various artists” release, on his LARMES, Clarence Park talks to Helena Markos about his music, his label and his future collaborations. An artist who emphasises in connections, relationships and the age we live in, with a genuine vision to create a world, where people share and develop through music.



***Tales of Psychofonia is also premiering Clarence Park’s track Adèle, expected to be released on Bulgarian imprint DVNTT, on the 24th of December (listen at the end of the post).***


T.O.P: How would you introduce yourself as an artist? Would tell us few things about your journey into the music production? 

Clarence Park: I’m a French producer. My music is situated at the crossroads of contemporary electronic/experimental music, with minimalist and emotional sonorities. I integrate melodies, residual noise and digital anomalies, in order to create dark textured soundscapes. I am also owner/founder of the label LARMES. I started producing music since long time ago. I have always been influenced by a lot of genres, within the dark style…

T.O.P: What would you consider as milestone of your career, as musician so far? Any special moment or connection that it’s been crucial for you? 

Clarence Park: I think the most important step for me was when I launched my label LARMES. Through LARMES I managed to meet many artists, who brought me their vision and also a lot of creativity. I also created another alias, that allowed me to experiment with other forms of sound.

I love interacting with other artists from the electronic music scene and discovering their vision for this type of music.

T.O.P: In the age of “dark” electronic music what is the most exciting thing for you and the most challenging one? 

Clarence Park: I have always loved dark music and I am happy to see that today many people are passionate about this genre, although the scene is still niche. I have no problem with that, though. I find it extremely cool that artists are looking for different textures and they are focusing on the atmosphere of their tracks.

I’m just trying to create a universe with my music and label, to make people travel to my world and get to know my vision, either through the sound or visuals.

T.O.P: What is your usual equipment when it comes to  music production? 

Clarence Park: Just a laptop and my synths. I do not want to surround myself with a lot of equipment in order to go to the essentials.

T.O.P: Tell us few things about your label LARMES, how did it start and what’s your aspiration?

Clarence Park: My main purpose was to create something that looks like me and also because I wanted to tell a story in each release. I’m a graphic designer and I like mixing visuals and music, in order to create a whole concept. The world with its events is my source of  inspiration.


T.O.P: Any thoughts about the modern, post-rave music scene? In your point of view, how political or not are things nowadays? 

Clarence Park: I don’t know if it is political, but I think it may be related to what is happening at this moment in the world. We are going through a very dark time, in relation to politics.

T.O.P: How does it feel making electronic music in France and how do you think your environment is affecting you?

Clarence Park: The events that have been taking place in recent years, in France have affected me a lot and they have consistently inspired me to make melancholic and dark music. I really hope that things will improve in France.

T.O.P: Any future collaborations? Any plans? 

Clarence Park: At the end of the year a VA comes, which is a collaboration with 12 artists and it’s going to be released on LARMES. I’m also preparing an EP for a label, but I can not talk too much about it for now.

I have a track coming out on a VA on DVNTT before the end of the year. Preview here:

T.O.P.: Finally, we want you to think of an album or track that you suggest as mind/soul healer…

Clarence Park: The remix of Zagam by Nigh/T\mare on INSTINKT.

Really like this track, Zagam as well as Nigh/T\mare.

Thanks for invitation!


Adèle as the embodiment of our unfulfilled promises and our aggravated souls. A step beyond the karma and an unexpressed compromise. A pain slowly evolving, finally turning into a paradox, an act of freedom and a self-fullfiment prophecy. Powerful and sobre, a sorrowful parade towards an empty world. Dark experimental at its best.

distraught and deluded
you think you can see through the

broken only
by neon signs flashing in red
spelling “deeper”