Tales Of Psychofonia

Polar Inertia

A selection of our  T.O.P. favourite videos Watch Smell Taste  Reproduce

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Ancient methods-German Love

A seletion of our T.O.P. favourite videos Watch Smell Taste Reproduce

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Orphx and Modulars

Christina Sealy of Orphx dreams of wires. Her numerous projects and participations with music, visual arts and performance have established her figure for almost a decade. Together with Richard Oddie … Continue reading

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Tales from Berlin, Tresor documentary

We found this amazing documentary narrating the story of Tresor, the epic club of Berlin. A tale that all the techno lovers wanted to be part of.  Jeff Mills, Juan … Continue reading

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Detroit Wildlife

We found that. We want to share it. Detroit, a story where music (life) was born from the ashes of the industry and the past. Nice video food for thoughts … Continue reading

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