T.O.P. videos: 琵琶 tales


The biwa (琵琶) is a Japanese short-necked fretted lute, often used in narrative storytelling. The biwa is the chosen instrument of Benten, goddess of music, eloquence, poetry, and education in Japanese Shinto. (source: wikipedia)


T.O.P. records: Addremove- Clean Slate EP (Thrènes)

“Clean Slate is the first release from Addremove on Swiss label Thrènes. There isn’t a lot to say about Addremove himself or herself as he/she prefers to keep their identity unrevealed, at least for the moment, so let’s concentrate on the music.”


We have been waiting for this release since the debut Thrènes album “Atheos” by Rotkeller. With their second release, Addremove, a mysterious dynamic and polymorphic project is landing on our turntables and it is definitely one of our T.O.P. records for 2017.

The special guest JK Flesh presents his own version of the Addremove’s “Crie“, managing to enchant the most demanding listeners, leading them to a daring mind dance and wandering. 

An EP soundtrack for a dystopic reality curated by the super promising, sophisticated Swiss label. Not to be missed.

Tracks featured on the EP:

A1. Letter From Police
A2. When They Fall From The Sky
A3. Postal
B1. Crie
B2. Lurk
B3. Crie (JK FLESH Remix)

source:  https://www.threnes.com/releases/addremove/

Orphx and Modulars

Christina Sealy of Orphx dreams of wires. Her numerous projects and participations with music, visual arts and performance have established her figure for almost a decade. Together with Richard Oddie are ruling in the techno scene having played at numerous high quality venues and festivals.

Here we share a special video from this canadian duo we really love.


More about Christina Sealey:


picture by Christina Sealey:

Self-portrait, Doorway
10 x 12, Oil on Board

Tales from Berlin, Tresor documentary

We found this amazing documentary narrating the story of Tresor, the epic club of Berlin. A tale that all the techno lovers wanted to be part of.  Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter, Mr. C, Dj Rush, Mark Reeder, Dr. Motte, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, Regina Baer, Johnnie Stieler, Sven Väth are some of the protagonists of this tale appearing on the doc. Great music selection transferring us the vibe of the crazy rave atmosphere over there.  A club that emerged  in the post Berlin Wall era and dramatically  marked the evolution of the techno scene.

source: Vimeo

Picture: Rick Kay