Interview: ZAGAM (Instinkt, Larmes)

Interview by Helena Markos

ZAGAM is above all a demon who governs 30 Legions in the black Bible. It is a project combining many aspects, the universe is largely inspired by the dark and mystical era of the Black Death pandemic in the fourteenth century. The theatrical side is marked by the traditional dress of the doctor of yesteryear and his famous mask raven. Melancholy and chaos punctuate the macrocosm of Zagam. Thanks to his serious, percussive, dark experimental and industrial techno, Zagam seizes the hell and the resident evil.

Helena Markos had the great opportunity to interview ZAGAM, an artist based in France, who has recently attracted our attention, due to his lyrical music, full of demonic percussions and dragon-like sounds. Passionate and explosive beats accompanied by a narrative character. Every piece of music made by ZAGAM is like a chronicle coming through our abyssal existence. This is definitely modern-spiritual music for wandering minds and a dark quest, picturing our lost souls. A distinctive sound with personality and strength, showing a powerful and meaningful presence in the scene.

Today, ZAGAM is sharing with us some thoughts on his music journey, his aspirations and his collaboration with labels such as LARMES, Instinkt, Kloster and Structure. We introduce you to ZAGAM’s enigmatic world, just before his new upcoming track, expected to be released on LARMES, and which we are premiering tomorrow on Tales of Psychofonia. 

T.O.P: How would you describe your music journey so far? Are there any people, moments or places that have marked this journey?

ZAGAM: I grew up in a very musically eclectic environment since I was young. I fed on many musical influences, both primitive and more electric, especially with the metal and its different currents. I completely found myself in this atmosphere. I started taking drum lessons, which animated me for 13 years. Jack of all trades, but also self-taught, I entered several bands with friends. So many encounters and musical explorations, which have taught me a lot and make live strong, unforgettable moments. It was really when I entered the Conservatoire that I understood all the musical dimensions and inspirations that were right under my nose: Jazz, contemporary music, electro etc.

ZAGAM was born, as well as another of my projects and character thereafter, YØKAÏ, who is more tribal and ancestral. The Bottom Collective allowed me to perform live, just like Stateless Body. For the creation and recording part of my EPs, I was lucky to have been followed by several labels, such as Kloster, Instinkt, and Structure.

T.O.P: Is there any specific state of mind that leads you to music creation and how does this work for you?

ZAGAM: All the night until morning, this is another dimension…

T.O.P: What is the biggest challenge in the electronic music scene nowadays?

ZAGAM: To withstand time, create and innovate.

T.O.P: Tell us few things about your latest release on Instinkt records and your upcoming release on LARMES label…

ZAGAM: This new project was born from an encounter that happened during a beautiful underground evening in which I performed.  This is how I collaborated with Instinkt and we released a 4-track EP with various artists; Nigh/T\mare, Iztigkeit, Animal Holocaust, Noir Dissident, SLYRS, as well as Monsieur Maquerelle. Larmes Records contacted me right after the release to invite me to participate in their new various artists project «Sacred Ground» and I got pretty excited about it.

T.O.P: Would say that you are an artist focused mainly on your own music and “world” or the type of artists who gets inspired by everything around you?

ZAGAM: I try to always see further, explore new tastes and seize different moments to feed my universe and stay inspired. That summarises pretty well my state of mind.

T.O.P: How does your home country influence what you do?

ZAGAM: This is where I was born.

T.O.P: Is there any sort of aspiration/vision in your music life?

ZAGAM: Get out of your comfort zone, go further but don’t lose yourself.

T.O.P: Any future plans or collaborations?

ZAGAM: I let the time decide for me, I trust the future. Few projects should be expected
for 2019…

T.O.P: If there was an album/tune that could heal the mind, which one would that be?

ZAGAM: Without any hesitation the first release of Pact Infernal,”The Descent Chapter I&II” and “Paralectus” by Deathspell Omega, a post black metal band. So satisfying…