T.O.P reviews: ANFS- Trips To Nowhere (Agia Varvara Originalis)

A drone fever and a melancholic mystagogy. “Trips to Nowhere” is the new excellent work by the enigmatic artist ANFS, released on Agia Varvara Originalis, an Athens-based record label.  A punch in the stomach and a bunch of sacred lies. The whole outcome is an audiovisual miracle, a healing process that paralyses the most indifferent listener. An explosive combination of distorted synths, eerie pads, noise from an inner hell and mind-boggling drums parading to…Nowhere. “Melting” is a crawling robot-like creature, craving for attention. “Ktinos” is the awakening of your inner warrior and the beating of the status-quo, a furious protest. “Psystis” is an infinite hallucination of distorted and edgy sounds, leading you to a frightening numb state. The EP is closing with the “Monoi sto Spiti”, a synth-based neo-ambient trip that evolves in a very unique way, cleansing our minds from the noisy and turbulent journey that the artist took us on through the previous tracks. An apocalyptic, innovative and absolutely beautiful release, finely dressed with a stunning, mantra-like artwork.

The stops of the journey are:

Ktinos (An Erotic Course With A False Shaman)
Monoi Sto Spiti

released January 22, 2019