T.O.P Reviews: JK Flesh- Wasplike (Inner Surface Music)

Birmingham artist JK Flesh releases his new EP “Wasplike”, on AnD’s ferocious Manchester label, Inner Surface Music. An eye-watering sting from first track “Wasplike” enforces distortion, yet adrenaline with this truly venomous warehouse track that buzzes with melody. The effect inflicted by the sting is incurably affected by the techno surging through one’s blood. “Mind Prison” raucous chords hammers and shakes the prison walls. The illusionary prison bar’s society puts up from enacting our deviant personas on the dance-floor get broken down whilst similar sounds of security alarms pulsate and mould in a corrupt manner. “New Build Estate”, through its name, gives social and political imagery of two largely working-class cities Birmingham and Manchester. The construction of the sheathing synths and hammering hats aggregate into an enthralling tune, with an optimistic and funky layering. Don’t let the slower tempo deceive, perilous baselines stampeding through, as “Dark Horse” howls and shrieks into the ongoing blackness. Continuous jarring beats enrapture the stomping ground of every outcast who has not had a voice. This EP proves JK Flesh is still a connoisseur of dark thought-provoking music.

The stops of the journey are:

Mind Prison
New Build Estate
Dark Horse

released June 15, 2018