T.O.P Reviews: SNTS- Scene I (SNTS)

SNTS‘s “Scene I” is one of the first EPs that introduces us to the world of the dark lord of techno. “Intro II” establishes us to the deviant mind, that alluringly sets a scene for the listeners. The shadowy mist of the forest at its darkest hour howls and screeches with the creatures of the night, always at unease as a million eyes seem to be watching you. “N1” carries on the journey as walking through the rocky pathway, the beat gets more thunderous. The euphoric sounds move the clouds across the night sky presenting a vivid pure moon that puts a spotlight on a tribe of ravers. “N2’s” screeching voices of hell spread a mass of thick fog across the earth. A progressive boom is formed from the circle of dancer’s accompanied by a number of clicks and high hats that lure you in. “N3” has a faster tempo that end’s the expedition of the unknown, the pulsating beat quickens enforcing every atom of your body into a satanic seizure. The sounds of zaps and industrialized kick drums execute a constraint on you, in this forbidden wood.

The stops of the journey are:

Intro II