T.O.P Track Premiere: Commune – Rory St John (VOITAX)

Rory St John returns to Voitax with his »Excommunication« EP, a hyper-deep, futurist take on classic dub techno. Skillfully assembled, each of the four tracks hypnotically morph and evolve, forgoing the cheap tropes of today’s ‘rise and drop’ techno for a more immersive listen – one gets the feeling that each and every sound is wielded with precision, and exists exactly where and for as long as it should.

Today we pick  the track “Commune” which comes as part of this well balanced, stunning EP, in which the artist craftily embraces different styles, blended with moody textures; all evolving in a dubby, subterranean mindscape.

“Commune” is a zoned – out  mind, filled with abstract pleasure and vague memories, bypassed by wandering figures, pumping into each other, increasing the chances of an unconscious miracle; a filthy realisation you never wanted to face. “Commune” is the transition, a way of finding yourself amongst other people raving alongside you, placing their brains on the sacred dance floor, smashing their fears, getting absorbed by the emerging questioning. 

The stops of the journey are: 

A1 Castle

A2 Commune

B1 Chapel

B2 Dream Sequence


Vinyl release date : November 4th, 2019

Rory St John 3 .jpg