T.O.P reviews: Eusebeia/ Lcp (re:st)

Today we present an EP by Eusebeia and Lcp, released on his own cutting – edge label re:st.

The stops of the journey are:

Perform is the start of a uncomprised trip. A couple of dodgy exchanges, at the end of a dirty lane. Enigmatically broken beats and a driving bassline, emerging from atmospheric landscapes.

Unrolling Energy arrives with a promise; not to look inside. Unexpected breaks referring to an apocalyptic maladjustment. A paradox that creates a dilemma, an unpredictable change of the story.

Road to Compension is a slow and dramatic breakbeat tune, allured by  a dreamy, almost regretful aura. A river of endless probabilities.

Bedroom Raver conveys a post – modern melancholy, ending up in questions and creation; that of a new man. Primal percussions and distant bells coding a new language, for the upcoming world. Melodies transmitting contradictory meanings, eventually cleansing the mind.

released September 23, 2019