Track Premiere: Years of Denial – Are you Afraid? (Tales of Psychofonia)

/ Θ Ρ Α Υ Σ Μ Α Τ Α / is a V/A compilation curated by Tales of Psychofonia. 100% of its earnings will be donated to the charity ‘Caring in Bristol’ in order to support its precious work with the homeless people during these hard times.

This digital release consists of 12 tracks made by artists who immediately responded to the call and created…love! Now it is in our hands to spread it.T

Today we are excited to premiere the track ‘Are You Afraid?’ by Years of Denial, who contributed to this release. A powerful synth line alongside a heavy kick, driven by the imposing and heart – shaking voice of Barkosina, bringing to mind empty streets, filled with scared and broken humans.

Caring in Bristol statement:

We need your support more than ever because whilst you are in the relative safety of your home, isolated and protected, those experiencing homelessness are at great risk and extremely vulnerable.

This is perhaps one of the most important letters that I have ever had to write. We are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic having a profound effect on everyone and all the things we take for granted. Like a home to call our own, a sofa to put our feet up on, friends and family.

The team at Caring in Bristol are working at maximum capacity to help avert a catastrophe for vulnerable people in our community. Our services are adapting and changing in the face of continual uncertainty, but we are keeping the needs of those without homes and a safety net at the very front of what we do with their needs more exposed than ever before.

Services in Bristol have become strained, some to the point of closure but Caring in Bristol remain committed to being there for our city’s most vulnerable and we will do whatever we can to ensure those people who need our support get it.


Mastering by AV
Artwork by fragmentiert

release date: 21st June