Premiere: Cyan85 – Low Frequency Phantasy (VOITAX)

A year has passed since Cyan85 first graced the VOITAX catalogue with his successful summer debut EP – ‘Bay Of Sampieri’. His dreamy pads, avant-garde take on retro arpeggios and slamming 808 beats have been continuously conquering our ears ever since, making him a young talent to watch within the electro circuit. He now returns to the imprint with his very first album – ‘Lucid Intervals’, demonstrating his knack for crafting ambitious pieces to establish himself as a respected producer. The LP aims to explore a variety of dystopian atmospheres and energies throughout nine infectious and carefully crafted tracks that build on electro’s rich heritage without failing to infuse it with Cyan85’s very own remarkable, dreamy electronic signature.

‘Low Frequency Phantasy’ is an ode to classic electro. A sturdy broken beat anthem, loaded with dreamy pads, a fierce hook and sleek vox. Sharp, saturated, straight four-to-the-floor rhythms and an aggressive arpeggio riff.

A sci-fi, android phantasy slowing evolving on a surrealistic dance-floor, where reality craftily blends with the virtual senses.

Release Date: July 27th, 2020


T.O.P · Track Premiere: Cyan85 – Low Frequency Phantasy (VOITAX)