interview: Marcel Dune (Repitch)

Interview by Helena Markos

Marcel Dune is a Greek artist based in London. She mainly draws inspiration from street culture and the unique rawness it exhibits. One other key element that manifests in Marcel Dune’s music, is the underground culture, more specifically the people surrounding it and how they try to express their frustration, problems, and society’s oppression through music and dance. Marcel Dune answers to our questions, just few days before her release “Preternatural” on Repitch, a collection of euphoric hard dance bangers, washed with a rave nostalgia. Marcel Dune fuses her arsenal of field recordings and samplers with modular synthesizer patterns, resulting in a hybrid sound that’s effortlessly experimental and dance-floor focused, at the same time.

T.O.P: How the pandemic and the current events in the world are affecting you?

Marcel Dune: Like most musicians and DJ’s, the pandemic has negatively impacted my personal situation but hopefully this will end soon.

T.O.P: Who is Marcel Dune? How has your journey into the music been so far?

Marcel Dune: My journey into music so far has been full of surprises and fulfilment and hopefully I get to continue my journey despite the current situation haha.

T.O.P: You are having an upcoming release on Repitch, including a collaboration with Ascion? Preternatural’ is a collection of rave and hard techno; a late night calling to the dance floor. What’s the story behind it?

Marcel Dune: There is no particular story behind this EP, it’s more a collection of raw emotions.

T.O.P: Is there any person, moment or experience that has influenced your production?

Marcel Dune: My main influence has been my life in the city and the experiences I have gained as well as seeing how oppression affects the people and our society.

T.O.P: How do you feel the electronic music world will emerge in a post-pandemic era?

Marcel Dune: I believe it will be very tough to get back to where the electronic music world was before the pandemic hit, but if we all come together and put in some effort it might happen.

T.O.P: What do you think are the major challenges that artists face today?

Marcel Dune: The biggest challenge artists face today is that it’s very hard to make a living out of it.

T.O.P: Any other upcoming projects/collaborations to announce?

Marcel Dune: There are many things I’m working on that will be announced soon!

T.O.P: Which piece of music or album would you suggest as a mind/soul healer?

Marcel Dune: Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92