Premiere: Alessandro Nero – Skeleton & Skulls (Kindcrime)

Gory Days is the new 5 track EP by Alessandro Nero released on his own imprint Kindcrime, composed of only original mixes, this work explores a journey into harsh yet futuristic -and for this reason almost dystopian- industrial techno music, made with craftsmanship on a grinding modular synths system in a gritty studio in Berlin. The industrial sound designing aims to create an auditory tale of the cyberpunk world we are effectively living in, immortalizing an extreme and suggestive scenario mirror of nowadays realities: Tyranny for the masses forced to live in an oligarchic anarcho-capitalist wasteland ruled by mad kings. Clashing sounds under an eleven-dimensional reality of pure hatred and forsaken sensations, electricity flowing through a complex matrix of numerical variables that disseminate pleasure, sometimes.

The identity of artistic expression should go back to its core of authenticity and inventive spontaneity, appropriating again the inner realm of creation (and destruction) to propose a renaissance of meritocracy and positive technological progress, in arts and more generally in society, we have to admit it, also the artists are to blame, because no matter who you are, you’ll still catch a katana scar.

We premiere the track Skeleton & Skulls. Industrial techno like a in a war zone, a merciless battle filled with distortion. Uncertainty and expectations dissolved by the aggressive drums, fear is penetrated by a revengeful, punishing kick. Skeletons & skulls becomes the soundtrack of the persistent claim for what is lost; the much longing deeper connection.


Alessandro Nero – The Creeps
Alessandro Nero – Composition Of Pain
Alessandro Nero – Gory Days
Alessandro Nero – Skeleton & Skulls
Alessandro Nero – Cradle To The Grave

Release date: 8th February 2021