Premiere: Irklis – Omen (Sturm) +teaser

The Latvian industrial music label STURM, operating as events series since 1995 and as a label since 2000, releasing industrial related music by Latvian artists presents a forthcoming album release by German/ Latvian minimal EBM/ electro-industrial band IRKLIS entitled “Onkalo”.

IRKLIS have been recording music since the late 1980s and had released their previous albums in co-operation with Eric Van Wonterghem’s Sleepless Berlin Records.

“Onkalo” is IRKLIS’ fourth album and it contains 11 new songs. The title is a Finnish word, describing a hiding place, a small cave used by animals. This basically unencumbered name stands in stark contrast to the possible nuclear horror it hides today, because Onkalo is also the name for the first final repository for nuclear waste in history and it is in Finland. Extreme contrast and abuse of meaning is one central topic of the album Onkalo.

All songs will include a separate video by the aspiring Turkish artist Griang. The videos will be presented on IRKLIS’ youtube channel starting from February 2021.

The lyrics of the song “Into eternity” are from the documentary film of the same name by Mad Madsen, who follows the construction of the Onkalo waste repository, and they state a warning – “A hiding place for the fire to burn into eternity. Go no further.”

Today, we premiere the track ‘Omen’, a slow ebm track, with subtle industrial influences, developing in a retrospective soundscape. Drums like slow burning flames, in a blurry and hopeless urban field.


Fahrt ins Ungewisse
Zintis izzūd
Into eternity

All songs composed, produced, recorded and mixed by IRKLIS (DE, LV).
Mastering by Herman Klapholz – aka Ah Cama-Sotz (BE).
Album design by Ieva Ziema (LV).
Video art by Griang (TR).

Release date: 28/02/21