Premiere: Lair – Badb (NX1 Remix) [Urban Legend records]

In Greek mythology, Deimos is the personification of fear and panic in battles, and twin brother of Phobos who represented fear. Together, they accompanied the god of war in every fight.

It’s taken 6 years for ‘Phobos’ to meet ‘Deimos’ musically. The label believes that it couldn’t have been a more representative moment of what they needed to express, due to the uncertainty and confusion we are living. With this work, they explore the somber feelings and existential conflicts that take hold of us in these difficult times, sometimes in contrast with the need for struggle and survival.

This magnificent EP, under the stamp of the Barcelona label Urban Legend records, includes four enfolding tracks by Lair and Wará, full of shadows and dark voices, that will take you on an inner journey to the deepest within you. The EP is enriched by two extremely powerful remixes, full of demonic rhythms and underworld atmospheres, created by Sam KDC and NX1.

Today, we present the excellent remix of ‘Badb’, by the Barcelona-based duo NX1. The remix is a slow, dark techno track, with its eerie synth and vocals filled with agony, accompanying the heavily distorted drums that gradually lure the listener into a state of mental anaesthesia.

Artwork by Carlos Gonzalez Boy and design by Cannibalismstudio.
Vinyl cutting at CUT CUT CUT studios.


1. Wará-Deimos
2. Sam KDC-Deimos Remix
3. Lair-Badb
4. NX1-Badb Remix


released April 8, 2021