Premiere: MLZ (IT)- Memory Test (Hakiri)

MLZ (IT) is a very talented and unique producer from Italy. Heʼs 50% of techno live duo Exilles and co-owner of Genau Recordings. He delivers a massive EP called ‘Memory Test’ including four unique techno tracks ranging from melodic and 90s style sounds to hypnotic and harder vibes. From this EP, we chose to premiere the track ‘Memory test’, a track with an energetic vibe, the heavy and fast kick encounter the emotive modular-like melody. The anxious beat is tamed by the mesmerising atmospheric pads, manipulating you into a never-ending dance. Perfect closing track for a wild night.

Release Date: 18/04/2021


  1. Spezia
  2. Memory Test
  3. Right Step
  4. Zeppelin Down

Artist Social Links: @mlz_it

Label Social Links: @hakiri-records
Official link to the release: