Premiere: Cyberian – The Hermit (Amek Collective)

“Dark Orphism” is the second full-length album of Sofia-based producer Stefan Bachvarov under the alias Cyberian. The album will be out on May 4th for Bulgaria’s experimental music imprint Amek Collective, his first ever vinyl release showcases the signature of Cyberian’s blend of melancholic electronic sound, often shattered by disfigured club percussions and gritty textures. All of this is especially present in the track “The Hemit”, which we premiere today; the closing piece of the album and one of the most brooding and hardest-kicking tracks of the release. Its ghostly and pulsating compressed sound will echo long until the track is over. ‘The Hermit’ is the call for unveiling the darkness, whilst realising what this has done to us, but also marking the new beginning. Powerful sound and glorious atmosphere. You can pre-order this amazing release over Bandcamp.