Premiere: Hybral – Dazwischen (Műhely)

Műhely is a label from Budapest, run by Adam Krasz, Normal Tamas, and Obwigszyh who been committed to driving the local scene with its emblematic rave parties, nights of euphoria, dance and sweat. ‘VA2 – The Dig‘ represents the soundscape of Műhely’s previous releases so far. It’s a constantly pulsating, hypnotic and industrial material, which focuses on the harder side of techno. The VA contains tracks produced by Műhely’s inner and outer circle, their friends.

Műhely means workshop in Hungarian and ‘VA2 – The Dig’ reflects their industrial attitude to music and creation. That’s why the compilation will be published on 1st of May, which is the day of celebrating work in Hungary. It’ll be released on a limited series of cassettes and digitally.

From this release we premiere the track ‘Dazwischen’ by the Berlin-based Hybral. A track that develops as a fire ball, violently carrying away everything that appears on its way. Fast-pace, driving techno with a vibrant, uplifting and cathartic atmosphere; the perfect prelude for the nights to come and that we have been longing for, for so long.

releases May 1, 2021


Side A

01 Obwigszyh – Whimsical Veins
02 T Y – Ancient Bones
03 Heult – Imprint
04 Adam Krasz – Nfo
05 Normal Tamas – lvwlmn
06 Untitled99 – Koolschool

Side B

07 Juhász Tamás – Ostranenie
08 Hybral – Dazwischen
09 AGA2L – CET
10 ritual abuse – funeral tool
11 TD/X – Disciplina (ft.Obwigszyh)
12 OOO – Succes Required Failure


Soundcloud: @hybral

Soundcloud: @technomuhely

Digital Mastering: Áron Lőrinczi (T Y and Untitled99 were self-mastered)
Cassette Mastering: Áron Lőrinczi

Photo: Ákos Kondricz (
Graphic: Ena Gergić (