Premiere: LuizFribs – Sympathy

Three months after the well-performing ‘Control’ EP, LuizFribs returns with the three-tracker EP ‘Perception‘. The title track, ‘Perception’, brings all that nostalgic vibes from 90’s raves, with a contagious synth riff and a powerful kick drum that pushes everything forward and makes the listener definitely want to rave again. ‘Sympathy’ is an even more powerful, energetic and banger track, that maintains the nostalgic feeling with full potential to pump up the clubs, warehouses and raves. ‘Hard Drive’, on the other hand is less club-oriented, showcasing an Electro inspired by the kinds of Kraftwerk and Anthony Rother, with a pinch of acid coming from the 303.


‘Sympathy’ is today’s premiere on tales of psychofonia. A techno track energised by a heavy kick and fuelled by its trance synth line, alongside the repetitive, 90s inspired, male vocals. A fast and furious banger, a dance-floor heater, released on the 14th of May, by the artist himself.