Premiere: Pedro After Midnight – Dysfunktion (Ruínas)

‘Reconstruir das Ruínas’ (rebuild from the ruins) is a compilation created by 25 musicians from the Lisbon underground electronic scene, including Xinobi, Vil, Dan Ghenacia, Kaspar, and many more. They are kindly donating their tracks with all proceeds being donated to União Audiovisual ( – an association working on providing support and essential goods to artists and audiovisual professionals affected by the pandemic.

Music has the power of bringing people together and here, it plays a major role in rebuilding our future from the rubble left behind by this pandemic. We were blessed to be free to party before and we shouldn’t let the sense of nostalgia translate into despair; we should use it as a positive driving force pushing us to look forward: nothing will be the same but, if we work together, it can only get better.

The release is proudly produced by the Ruínas collective.

We premiere the track Dysfunktion by Pedro After Midnight, a playful track with colourful and uplifting sonic textures, leaving the listener with an invigorating and hopeful sense.

Release date: 7th of May 2021

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