Premiere: Michel Lauriola – The Lost Valley (Ucker records)

Today we present a release by Ucker records; a group of Argentine DJs and producers who have worked on disseminating techno music throughout their country. Despite the pandemic, they came together and they launched a project full of love and hope, transformed into music, serious and honest work.

This is their second release which is commissioned by Michel Lauriola. This is a sonic voyage through all the verges of underground techno music, ‘No Code Of Behavior’ is a full blasting EP, where Michel Lauriola crafted solid tracks with a winning formula: old school spirit plus exquisite sound development, using every element precisely (subtle pads, filters, distortion, rhythmic patterns).

On remix duties: Children of tomorrow label’s head Arnaud Le Texier working on a strident and smashing version of the release title track. A masterpiece when it comes to perfect usage of saturation and dynamics. Owner of Human records, and an influential member of Illegal Alien Records, Fixeer re created the track Concrete Transformation, with a brutal low end, raw textures and an outstanding usage of the main synth of the original tune. This profound and hypnotic journey, is hard hitting for everyone who takes the ride, resonating deeply in both physical and mental layers, delivering a feeling of darkness and rage only techno lovers can manage in the dance floor.

From this release we premiere the track ‘Lost valley’ by Michel Lauriola. Techno in its pure essence, steadily guiding the listener into a trance-like state with its hypnotic and solid beat, driven by the repetitive bells and the randomness of the metallic synth-line, simulating the uncertainty of life, stimulating the numb brain cells.


  1. No Code Of Behaviour
  2. The Lost Valley
  3. Concrete Transformations
  4. Concrete Transformations (Fixeer Remix)
  5. No Code Of Behaviour (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)

release date: 10th May, 2021