Premiere: Remember Calmly – Fixon (ANAØH)

After a year of absence with a single EP, one of the label bosses, Fixon is back with “Remember Calmly”. Four tracks that try to overcome timelessness from different perspectives and creative exercises. From those accustomed by the artist, such as the respected classics and those, who from his point of view, are added a step to the future. After the creative part, we can find a variety of rhythmic figures, intensities and complex sound designs that distinguish the work behind the FM, Modular and granular synthesis, with which Fixon has managed to cross the barrier of time, with a constant chameleon-like evolution.

ANAØH is a musical label based in México, worked by Fixon and Dig-it, artists with a long history in the techno scene. The project was born in 2016 in order to expose music of the highest quality, with conceptual releases and delicate sound designs that allow the sound of natural landscapes, through sound landscapes. For this reason, the visual material of the project is worked for each release, making each release a conceptual work. Art, in any of its expressions, is the human being’s attempt to emulate nature and its beauty. And that is the idea of ANAØH: the relationship that exists between Art and Nature. Throughout 5 years we have a catalog with 72 releases by different artists. “The big cities force us to take refuge in the beauty of the skies and the harmony of the wind”.

Today we premiere the track ‘Remember Calmly’. A solid techno track, driven by a bending bass-line, leaving us with a sense of an impeding doom, which is intensified by the changes of the pitch. A dance-floor paranoia to indulge into, orchestrated by Fixon.

Release Date: 24/05/2021

  1. Bitter Tonic
  2. Day After
  3. Life Window
  4. Remember Calmly

Mastered by Di-it at Dot Studio, México City.
Artwork Design by: Fixon Moheno