Review: Second Tension – Schisma (Persephonic Sirens)

Ancient Methods and his Persephonic Sirens introduce the Greek artist Second Tension (Stavros Tilkeridis) with his album ‘Schisma,’ an excellent four-track 12″ filled with an astonishing, brutally powerful, and electrifying atmosphere.

‘Ansible’ emerges through a blurry, industrial background. A stompy kick, alongside a demanding baseline that creates a sense of agony and pain; finally alleviated by a lyrical melody. ‘Metasiban’ brings a synth retro-nostalgia, a slower journey into a meta-sci-fi spectrum, where time is not linear, a sense that is intensified by the unexpected change of the track’s evolution; sonic assimilation of time traveling through sound waves. ‘Pleiades’ elegantly spreads its energy with its euphoric synth-line and its stirring industrial baseline in an acrimonious dance searching for meaning. ‘Schisma’ is a mind teaser, with its broken beat and melodramatic drums accompanying the voices of despair. Slow, progressive, and painful.

review by Helena Markos

released April 16, 2021


artwork by hecticlab