SOIL Interview + Melania rmx premiere

Interview/Review by Helena Markos

Today we present a Q & A by the Spanish label SOIL records. SOIL has remained solid and prolific during the most challenging times of the pandemic, releasing first-rate material, both digital and wax, thriving in the music spectrum. Elegant, pure and sophisticated, the label also has a stunning visual aspect, trusted into the creative mind of the designer Greta Haga.

Having curated artists like Penelope’s Fiance, Autumns, Arabian Partner, Arnaud Rebotini, Terrence Fixmer, and more, SOIL is now releasing the second version of Distant’s – Carmesí Diablo. This time the record is enriched with powerful remixes by Distant, Randstad, The Mover, Max Durante, Melania. We premiere Melania’s remix, dynamic industrial techno, with a highly imposing, dark atmosphere, embraced by faint voices, all creating a sense of a hallucinating delirium. Once you enter the abyss, there is no way back.

How are you coping with the pandemic and the new status quo?
As good as we could, it affects in many ways to all people. We are trying to keep all moving forward and working on our project and ideas.

What is the concept behind SOIL? Tell us a few things about the birth of this label…
The main thing about Soil is the communication, the fusion between concepts and ideas, from Music and art. We are giving the DIY a notable presence on all the editions we do and constantly working to give something special and unique at some point. Greta and I are so proud about three years and how we oriented all about Music and design. We are sure we will give you many surprises after summertime and don’t forget that:”Soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector,……”

How do you see music emerging in a post virus era?
It will take time to come as it was for a while, but people need/won’t dance. I guess during 2022, we will start to see a bit all more clear. But Music is alive more than ever.

What are the significant influences that artists face nowadays?
Many styles are mixed like trance, electro, EBM, Italo or Ghetto, and some are really powerful.

Any other side projects/ collaborations you are working on?
Yes, in 2022, we will announce our new project Seeds. More focused on experimental Music alongside some abstract videos, too. We will change our release format and have already closed our first three artists. We are thinking about something for a while, and finally, we decided to move them forward. In addition, we have our first Co-Edition with the label Fill-Lex that will be out last week of July, where we will release Bestial Mouths remixes.

Is there any album you could suggest as a mind/ soul healer?

Front 242 ‎– Front By Front

releases July 2, 2021


A1. Distant – Carmesí Diabla (Randstad remix) 06:43
A2. Distant – Carmesí Diabla (The Mover Remix)
B1. Distant – Carmesí Diabla (Max Durante Remix)
B2. Distant – Carmesí Diabla (Melania. Remix)