Premiere: Hektor Legion – Sin 113 (Illegal Alien records)

Illegal Alien Records is a Mexican record label focused on Techno, Electronica, Experimental and Ambient music. The label was founded by the Mexican Ricardo Garduno in 2007, in Florida. Today, Dig-it, DJ Saint Pierre, Fixeer, Fixon, Mari Mattham and Unkle Fon have also joined the project. Together they curate the label, as well as its positioning within the worldwide Electronic music panorama.

The name ‘Illegal Alien’ was adopted because that was the status granted by the US government to Ricardo Garduno when he lived in the United States. At that time, all the immigrants who entered the country illegally were denominated like that. As a result of this, the rights of all illegal immigrants were limited or nulled in many cases. Therefore, by giving this name to the label, they honour the world’s immigrants, who flee their homes for a better life. Today, the label is based in Mexico and has a digital platform, which has counted with the participation of established and upcoming artists. On the other hand, the label has the platform ILLEGAL ALIEN LTD, focused on releasing vinyl, CD and Cassette editions. The ILLEGAL ALIEN BLACK LABEL platform represents a raw and distorted sound.

We choose to premiere a track from the Second edition of Illegal Alien LTD, a Various Artists Compilation Series called ‘Between Lands & Oceans’. This series will become an annual compilation, released in three formats; CD, vinyl and cassette. The first volume includes exclusive tracks from Abstract Division, CRAVO, CSSS, Dig-it, Divide, DJ Saint Pierre, Fabrizio Lapiana, Fixeer, Fixon, Hattori Hanzō, Hektor Legion, Javier Gantz, Magdalena, Mari Mattham, Merino, MSDMNR, Nørbak, Nothing Is Real, Oliver Rosemann, Ricardo Garduno, The Advent, Translate & Pulso, Unkle Fon, Vinicius Honorio and Wrong Assessment.

The track premiered is the ‘Sin 113’ by Hektor Legion. A bouncy kick, with a furious synth pad, causing chaos at its passing and fearlessly changing direction towards an unknown territory—a kick-focused, driving techno track with all the distorted elements in the background causing a physical sense of disorientation.

Release Date: September 6th of 2021

A1. The Advent – Tall Whites
A2. Vinicius Honorio – Aztek
A3. Dig-it & Ricardo Garduno – Get Going
B1. Nørbak – Rule Of Rescue
B2. Abstract Division – Encoder
B3. Fixeer – Abihsot

Mastering by Dig-it at Fractal Sono Lab, Mexico City /
Hektor Legion ‘Sin 113’ and Unkle Fon, Javier Gantz ‘Raw December’ Mastered by Carlos Koschitzky