Premiere: Damage Clock – La Voz Del Diablo (Dystatik)

The Greek record label Dystatik is back with a bounce EP from a Colombian artist named Damaged Clock. People flooding the streets across Colombia have faced brutal crackdowns from police, fuelling demonstrators rage and adding police brutality to their list of grievances. Human rights groups have alleged abuses such as indiscriminate beatings, killings, and sexual violence. The police in the country has documented police brutality and violence, and police caused deaths; this is the Critical Country.

We premiere the track ‘La Voz del Diablo’, a slowly evolving EBM delirium with evil vocals and a torturous baseline creating abyssal sensations and a triggering, atmospherical break interrupted by an overwhelmingly intense kick drum.


1.Damaged Clock – Falso Gobierno
2. Damaged Clock – Falso Gobierno (Invalid user Remix)
3. Damaged Clock – La Voz Del Diablo
4. Damaged Clock – La Voz Del Diablo (Magnum Opus Remix)
5. Damaged Clock – Mr Robot
6. Damaged Clock – Mr Robot (Dry_Feel remix)
7. Damaged Clock – Escape

Released September, 1

Mastered by Azem in Zaumfield Studio

Artwork by Dry_feel