FERMA is a record label from Athens and has repeatedly called our attention recently; they are coming back with their sixth release, a new addition to the label’s catalogue and featuring a Various Artist compilation under the title ‘Roll the Bones’. The release is tapping into different styles like electro, wave, and techno, as they host a versatile selection of both Athenian and international artists.

Today we premiere ‘Aeithales‘ by the Greek artist Mavridis, a drums-led track with a melancholic yet dynamic bassline and agonising voices warning us of the imminent danger. Mysterious and emotive, another diamond was added to the highly recommended FERMA catalogue.


1. Mavridis – Aeithales

2. Morphs – Kiourka

3. Extase Urbaine – Extase Urbaine

4. Helena Markos – Criminalisation

5. RTRA – Inner Light

Mastered by ANFS
Artwork by Dimitris Evagelou

release date: 30th September, 2021

Available under name your price format via: