Premiere: Void Cells – Misuse (Twigs & Water)

This is the first compilation of Twigs & Water hosting Stanislav Tolkachev, Void Cells, Danilenko and Lebed. The description of this release contains only one word – melancholy. This compilation is like transit and fixation of this phenomenon using sound waves. Wherever the realisation of our existence takes place, it will be with us forever and anywhere, as the artists themselves; It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Bristol, Kyiv or Pinsk; This is the first but by no means the last release of a record from the label. Its central concept is the release of time-tested artists, as well as new ones. Even though the first record is filled with analogue techno, releases in different genres are planned. The very name of the label contains echoes of what will be released in the future.

We premiere the track ‘Misuse’ by Void Cells. Broken beats with modular synths like a space rain create a unique sci-fi aura with persistent and dynamic drums developing across an ominous synth pad.

Release date: 11th February, 2022