Video & Track Premiere: Timiminaloayan – Frecuencias Ancestrales (EOTRAX)

FRECUENCIAS ANCESTRALES is a limited edition transparent vinyl LP with nine tracks produced by /Beyond/ including references to the nine phases that make up the Mitclán. It is a journey full of intense emotions that, after a creative synergy between ancient ritual music and the repetitive rhythms of modern musical styles, transports the listener to the melancholic and raw phases of electronic music of these times. The essential parts that influence the project are reflected, with unique collaborations such as that of the Chichimeca indigenous group Jonas and the fantastic photographic material of Teresa Espadafor that document this journey erasing the stigmas that some of these cultures have suffered throughout history. The album will be released on EOTRAX and includes a limited edition Fanzine. 

A Live Audiovisual project by /Beyond/ & Pedro Maia. A review of Mexico’s ancestral sounds and pre-Hispanic cultures from the point of view of two creators of audiovisual arts of the SXXI. The live audiovisual was shot in Mexico in analogue format with a super 8 camera. Ritual scenes were captured that collect socio-historical and folk cultural factors and traces that can still be found in Mexico today. In a collaborative experimental process carried beyond dance music, an audiovisual piece is created for his live act in a performance format. This is a romantic way of perceiving current music, introducing ancestral elements and their power over the senses of human beings. Thus we enter the scenes of the Mexican rituals, where a unique and intense duality emerges, and it is still unresolved today. We perceive a tragic past and its culture which has not been able to outrage; We call it a culture of blood; information imprinted in the DNA of all Mexicans and that we experienced as a strong attitude, full of values and respect for Mother Earth.

Today we premiere the track Timiminaloayan and the teaser video for the release. An excellent optoacoustic piece of work, the result of the active participation of the artists in the day to day life of the indigenous people. In their effort to capture the precious moments, the artists mingled with the traditions and got absorbed by the unique historical and territorial spirit. The track Timimminaloayan is a sonic vehicle where the past and present meet, creating something timeless and sacred.

Release date: 25th February, 2022


A1 Chiconahuapan
A2 Tepectli Monamictlan
A3 Iztepetl
A4 Itzehecayan

B1 Paniecatacoyan
B2 Timiminaloayan
B3 Teocoyohuehualoyan
B4 Izmictlan Apochcalolca
B5 Chicunamictla

Release date: 25th February, 2022

A project by /Beyond/ with the photography of Teresa Espadafor  

Musical  co-production of Oscar Carrillo 

Musical collaborations:

Humberto Alvarez – Mantras Nahuatl and musician healer 

Chichimecas Jonaz

Credits to the indigenous group 

Ancestral rhythms: 

Nestor Vargas – Pre-Hispanic poet and instrumentalist  

Leo Méndez – Support in modular synths 

Oscar Carrillo: Pre-Hispanic multi-instrumentalist 

Edgar Paz: Logistics 

Written and produced by /Beyond/ in Mexico City  

Pedro Maia, Director and live visual 

/Beyond/ – music production  

Teresa Espadafor artistic director and photography  

Graphic Design – Cannibalism Studio