Premiere: JK FLESH – Ways And Means (Granular Spectrum)

Abiogenesis is a humanitarian compilation for Colombia, curated by the label Granular Spectrum. With their previous release Raices they carried out a campaign to support a foundation who helps children. They managed to fundraise 1,200 USD for the Children of Bajo Baudó in the Chocó, a region in Colombia. In that compilation they brought together more than 40 artists from around the world. Abiogenesis compilation is their new initiative with the purpose to continue helping the immense number of children who do not have a decent life due to lack of help from governments and who today live in extreme poverty.

‘With this new album we want to help the populations of “La Guajira”, another of the regions forgotten by the government and, together with Chocó, one of the poorest departments in Colombia. With this new album we also want to help intercontinental migrant children and families who undertake the dangerous journey in the community of Necoclí, department of Antioquia, Colombia, seeking to contribute to the protection and care of affected people from trafficking.

Today we premiere the track ‘Ways and Means’ by JK Flesh; Broadrick’s industrial, techno witchcraft, created by a schizoid baseline and disorientating frequencies.

Release date: 1st September, 2022

Support this amazing initiative via this link: