Premiere: Liquid Marble Signal Fold (SCULPTURES)

Today we premiere a track from the new SCULPTURES EP by the Berlin-based artist Johny Island. In this release, the 9th of the label, the two faces of the artist are expressed via four dynamic, dance-floor-orientated tracks. Signal Fold is the track by Liquid Marble which is the darker alter ego of the artist. Steady, 4-to-the-floor attitude with a dominant kick drum and an escalating synth line, adding to its tense vibe.

1. Johnny Island_Modular (05:53)
2. Johnny Island Longest_Time Ever (05:44)
3. Liquid Marble_Unknown Substances (05:13)
4. Liquid Marble_Signal Fold (05:40)

Release Date 15.09.2022

Distributed by Triple Vision Distribution