T.O.P. videos: 琵琶 tales


The biwa (琵琶) is a Japanese short-necked fretted lute, often used in narrative storytelling. The biwa is the chosen instrument of Benten, goddess of music, eloquence, poetry, and education in Japanese Shinto. (source: wikipedia)


T.O.P. records: Addremove- Clean Slate EP (Thrènes)

“Clean Slate is the first release from Addremove on Swiss label Thrènes. There isn’t a lot to say about Addremove himself or herself as he/she prefers to keep their identity unrevealed, at least for the moment, so let’s concentrate on the music.”


We have been waiting for this release since the debut Thrènes album “Atheos” by Rotkeller. With their second release, Addremove, a mysterious dynamic and polymorphic project is landing on our turntables and it is definitely one of our T.O.P. records for 2017.

The special guest JK Flesh presents his own version of the Addremove’s “Crie“, managing to enchant the most demanding listeners, leading them to a daring mind dance and wandering. 

An EP soundtrack for a dystopic reality curated by the super promising, sophisticated Swiss label. Not to be missed.

Tracks featured on the EP:

A1. Letter From Police
A2. When They Fall From The Sky
A3. Postal
B1. Crie
B2. Lurk
B3. Crie (JK FLESH Remix)

source:  https://www.threnes.com/releases/addremove/

T.O.P. Podcast series: Helena Markos (UK)

This week we present a podcast tailored by Helena Markos, the lady behind T.O.P. Passionate, vibrant and atmospheric sounds where the words are converted into soundscapes. This is a vinyl only set made with love and it is dedicated to all people who have been actively supporting Tales of Psychofonia during all these years.

Special thanks to Thrènes record label, Velona Records, MK and Phil.


1. Namaz Sureleri- Diyanet Isleri Baskanligi
2.Midori Takada- Trompe-l’oeil- We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
3. Pan Daijing- A Loving Tongue -PAN
4. AshTreJinkins- What Voice -Apron Records
5. Fonemi- Tra Le Rovine- Blackwater
6. Ourea- Dysomnia-Horo
6.αίών- Intrication-Quanta
7. Developer- Aspect – Olympian
8. VSK- Echinopsis- Dyad
9. Marco Zenker- Night Vision- Ilian Tape
10. Rotkeller- 17 October- Thrènes
11. Goblin- Witch- AMS/Cinevox

T.O.P. Interview: B/B/S


B/B/S: If music was a statically developing scene full of experimental patterns leading us to a neverending explorational state of mind, without any limits.

The B/B/S experience happens when the musicians, Aidan Baker, our today’s guest, Andrea Belfi & Erik Skodvin put their talents together. Based in Berlin they have released high-quality albums such as  BRICK MASK (Miasmah, 2013) and PALACE (Miasmah, 2016) showing us a powerful alternative to the mainstream electronic sound of Berlin. Their exquisite perception and taste, in terms of music production, is wonderfully translated into deep and elegant sounds.  Their music is dark, obscure and dynamic, with  jazzy  attitude and hypnotising psychedelia.  B/B/S can gradually lead us to a dreamy meditating state of mind classifying themslelves as a totally avant-garde band.

T.O.P.: How did you come together as B/B/S and what’s  the main ingredient of your connection?

Aidan: We began playing together in 2012 with the very simple idea of just seeing what might happen…no plans, no concepts, just experimentation. We were, of course, familiar with each other’s work before we started playing together, so we did know we shared certain aesthetic sensibilities, at least.

T.O.P.: Is there any special moment during the creation of your last LP on Miasmah records you want to share with us?

Aidan: “Palace” is made up of material from two separate sessions that were actually recorded two years apart…which I think says more about how we create and work with music, than the music itself, as there isn’t especially a noticeable difference between the two separate performances. Rather it took us some time to chose, edit, arrange, and mix the best material to create a consistent album as a whole.

image (7)


T.O.P.: How is the music creation perceived by each of you and when do you know that something is ready to go out there?

Aidan: Given my response to the last question, I think the three of us have quite different perceptions of when a song is finished and suitable for release. But again, I think this stems less from the music itself than it does the way we work, both individually and collectively. Our music is entirely improvisational, which makes for quite different experiences depending on whether we are playing live or recording. Live performances are so much more about the experience, being in and of the moment, both for ourselves playing and the audience listening, while recording is an attempt to capture both the sound and the feeling of that experience and trap it in a form that bears up to repeated listens. Which, separated from the immediacy of a live performance, is not necessarily the easiest thing to do — this takes a considerable amount of listening and crafting by all of us before we can agree on a final form that we all feel is successful.

mialp033-photo-3 (1)

T.O.P: What is your viewpoint regarding the contemporary music in Europe and how do you experience being part of the Berlinesque scene?

Aidan: Speaking as a North American, Europe is so much better connected and appreciative of the arts, that living and working as an artist here is much more rewarding. There is lots of great music in Canada, of course, but the population of the whole county is about of third of Germany’s so there simply aren’t the same opportunities for an experimental musician. And even if there are a lot of concerts and musicians in Toronto, I would say there are even more in Berlin and quite often musicians end up staying in Berlin for extended periods, which offers more opportunities for performing together or collaborating.

T.O.P.: Is there any venue/ location/country you would love to perform at and why?

Aidan: We have performed in both Norway and Italy to date, the home countries of the other two band members, so I would like us to play in Canada someday, which would most likely be in Toronto or Montreal…but who knows when or if that might happen…

T.O.P.: Do you have any plans for the close future?

Aidan: Nothing definite, at the moment. We often do a short tour in the early months of the year, so perhaps we will do so again in 2018.

T.O.P.: We often ask this; Which is there any record you would recommend as mind/sound healer?

Aidan: I only discovered this album relatively recently, but I’ve been finding David Sylvian & Holger Czukay’s “Plight & Premonition” very soothing of late.

More about B/B/S: http://www.miasmah.com/BBS/index.html 

T.O.P. Podcast series: Fonemi (Blackwater, IT)

Fonemi has totally enchanted us with his last Cosmopolis EP released on  Blackwater. Ritualistic hymns to our collective inner subconscious like a Jungian archetype with an hypnotising vibe. A utopic COSMO-polis full of new sounds and images committed to quality leading to a  never ending mind journey.


Fonemi pic

Cosmopolis EP- Fonemi (Blackwater)


Fonemi is Vito Santoro, an Italian writer, novelist and producer. Santoro juxtaposes the passion for the crime stories with electronic music, thinking his music as a soundtrack for his novels. His style blends ambient music, experimentalism and ethnic suggestions. Recently he has released two ep’s: “Cosmopolis” (Blackwater Records), a tribute to Don DeLillo’s novel, a modern odyssey along the streets of a crowded metropolis, and “Porta d’Oriente” (Putsch Records), four tracks load of ritual and tribal recalls. Fonemi under his alias Sicarius Hahni produces rhythmical and electronic oriented sounds.

Today we are very excited as we have the wonderful opportunity to share with you a taste of Fonemi’s mysterious world through his exclusive podcast for Tales of Psychofonia. A selection of sixteen breathtaking tunes some of which produced by Mr Vito Santoro himself. Get absorbed by his magnetising music and save the name; Fonemi aka Sicarius Hahni.

01. Isotropy – Dopplereffekt
02. Bisogni Primari – Fonemi
03. John Doe’s Carnival of Error – Blanck Mass
04. Ezra – Oneohtrix Point Never
05. Lakker – Pylon
06. Knights & Bishops – Ancient Methods
07. Il Punto Cieco – Sicarius Hahni
08. Out of Horse – Ryuichi Sakamoto
09. Carbon 7 – Jlin
10. Drifter – Biosphere
11. Mizu – Niagara
12. Is This Power – The Field
13. Rainy Souls, Gloomy Futures – Clap! Clap! Clap!
14. Transience – Scuba
15. Music for the Quiet Hour Part 1 – Shackleton
16. Il Filo dell’Orizzonte – Fonemi

T.O.P. records: Ebi-Zen (Space Teddy,DE)

One of our favourite musicians is Susumu Yokota aka Ebi and today we recommend his album “Zen”. A blending of ambient and acid aesthetics and rhythms turning into a masterpiece released on the German Space Teddy label, in 1994.  This is an exceptional example of his genius, talent and progressive mind. Zen stands proudly alongside other little diamonds that Susumu Yokota has left behind, all scattered across the world of good electronic music.

T.O.P. Interview: Marguerite Records+ Podcast Alter D (IT)

marguerite logo

Tales of Psychofonia travels to Italy and brings fresh Mediterranean air. We indulged into the magic of the beautifully dark world of Marguerite records, a very upcoming and promising label that supports vinyl and promotes exquisite music of different genres. Lucas Martinez and Alter D are the guys behind it and they are committed to quality,  fiddling with new sounds from experimental/ ambient to raw and mindful techno. Tales interviewed Luca Martinez and we are very pleased to present our 34th mix by Alter D. This an hour of organic, noir and primitive but also romantic mix, made exclusively for Tales of Psychofonia. Ritualistic whispers from a forbidden landscape.

T.O.P. : What is Marguerite Records?

L.M.: Marguerite Records is a creation of the twisted and definitely deviant Davide and Luca’s minds, signed by evergreen records by Gene Hunt, Dj Damage, 3 chairs, Shinici, Robert Owens and experimental sounds. We are open-minded guys; we listen from house old school to noise.

Marguerite record is a home-made workshop of music where you can find downtempo, acid, raw house, lo-fi and modern techno.

From the beginning, we have strictly believed in cassette format with the hope of market’s raising.

Our flexibility is tested by the choice of Mixtape Series, an opportunity to show the real essence of artists we like, as a product of their music research without filters and hype conditions.

Mixtape by Filippo Zenna was supported by artist like Volcov. MRG001(tape) was sold out in three weeks, we have received full support from Willis Anne, Brassfoot and other good names of the European scene.

T.O.P.: How would you describe your sound and how is this represented through your releases?

L.M.: Marguerite Records wants to show the power of contemporary sounds. We have started from raw vibes but that’ s not all. Here in Italy, we made lo-fi before it becomes a hype musical product and just business. We don’t follow the Italian scene or a particular label from Europe. We just want to be honest to our concept of sound; a sound that takes inspiration from the past but it’s strictly connected to the future.

T.O.P.: Can you tell us few things about your last releases and what are you up to next?

L.M.: MRG002 was our first vinyl release and it was one of the best experience of our life. Except for mastering (shouts out for Marco Pellegrino) we did everything ourselves, including distribution!It was hard but incredible. This experience made me more confident within the vinyl world.

Now, we are ready to come back!! Out soon MRG003, another Various artist composed by five Italian talents, all good producers with other releases in their discography. We are so proud of this release!! We have just received some requests for Marguerite Records Showcase.

T.O.P.: Any influences?

L.M.: We are always focused on listening new stuff from different producers around the world. Fortunately, we have contact with many of the artists that are an inspiration for us. We are addicted to Trilogy Tapes, 1080p, Apron Records, L.I.E.S, Relative, LLM, Exotic Dance Records, Proibito Records, Lobster Theremin, Bank Records, Crème Organization, Pan, Dko Records, Brothers From Different Mothers, Noorden, Renascence, MMODEMM, Pinkman, Farbwechsel and Berceuse Heroique.

T.O.P: Do Italians do it better?How do you perceive the electronic music scene in your own cultural context? Things that you like and others that you don’t?

 L.M.: Basically we support artists that we appreciate as producers but also for their human values. Marguerite Records is a workshop, as I said before, for friends at first, but also for European talented people who want to be part of our family. An artist on Marguerite is not just a name but h  also part of the project and we also love to create connections out of Milan, where we are based.

I like cities like Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Bristol, Paris, Lyon, Bruxelles because their people are always pleased to listen to new stuff and keep in touch with new crews. In Italy, it’s completely different, but it’s a long and sad story….

T.O.P.: Finally, we like to ask this; Which album would you recommend as a soul and mind healer?

L.M.: Moon B – Lifeworld (1080p). Thanks so much for the opportunity, guys!!

Alter D is co-founder of Marguerite Records with releases on Hardmoon, sub label of Wilson and Raw Culture. New stuff by him is coming soon, on a USA label with together with two big artists.An Italian guy, Alter D is the hot name of outsider electronic scene in Italy. He loves exploring new sounds and keeping an ear on the new vibes from the world. Alte D is well-known as a producer and very good selector with a huge musical background. He has been hosted by Rinse Fm, Radio Raheem, Intro-Spettiva Radio and excellent podcast series Mushi-shi Radio. He has also been chosen as selecta by the Attic Magazine.
He played alongside Philou Louzolo, MGUN and he also did the warm up for the famous jazzman Gianluca Petrella. Currently, he is working on his first solo ep!

Alter D.jpg

Alter D

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