Satore – Tribute to the Roots (Extended Mix) /Hizou Music


Tonight I met  Hizou.
Hizou is a girl.
She is becoming every time bigger and bigger.. almost 6 years old now.
Beautiful, sophisticated, elegant. She is from Mallorca but connected with the rest of the world.

This time a tale from Satore. The man behind deep rooted stories.
Keepin the Legacy it was a nice surprise to me.

Tribute to the roots with raw, assymetric sound. Nostalgic, dreamy pads and voices from the past flirting with the melody.

The participation of Gary Romalis makes the difference and brings you to the dancefloor with the tune “We are here”. Unique come back of the artist.
Hizou welcomes also James Duncan with his “Untitled #2” and promises
Peace Awaited by G Marcell.

This EP is definetely recommended for eclectic ears.

Thank you Satore.

Thank you Hizou.

1 comment

  1. Hizou certainly keeps it true to the true to the roots of house powered by oldskool hardware, swaggering between the beautifully elegant and the chunky party stompers!

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