Tonight’s T.O.P. stories : Nous Disques (GR)


Est Nous.

Is new and  is fresh although you can easily distinguish a serious analog dimension with  a deep story and work behind it. Is present, although you can tell by listening to it that is already timeless. Recently,  my second Nous wax took its position in  my  record box and  I am proud of it. The Black Drama (12″) EP (Nous 04)  with raw beats and analog steps. Something like the vintage melody sunbathing the heavy bass, bringing The Sun in your Face. A Dark Passenger with an acid attitude and  kicks flirting with an absolutely melancholic voice like coming from the past. Onto transfers us into a dreamy acid world with some robotic vocals creating a sci fi scenery. Spoiled drama as the name of the record spoils your ears hypnotizing you deep  into an endless music “drama” especially  with Patricia’s no drama remix. Nous Disques is undoubtedly a very promising record label directly from Athens. Goodnight and …..spoil yourselves.

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