A warm glass of Muhk

Muhk is one of my favourite pure analogue labels.
Based in Sweden they have an ear for releasing records that seem to be lost in time, some of them sound like they could have come out of Detroit at the start of the scene there’s that much soul oozing out of the hardware!
Comfortably pumping out top notch house like the one below from Quarion  as well as lush creamy Techno likes from Matti Turunen.
I think they rely on the warmth of the sound to keep them warm during the dark Scandinavian winter months!

More often than not good music like this comes from people who are into all kinds of music and not only their respective genres, and Muhk is no exception to this especially when you dive into their podcast series!
Presented head honcho Jason, who provides a cheeky classic party techno set himself, they give a little insight into not only the world of their own great artists  but some unknown artists who also uphold a great quality control when playing out, whether it be funk, soul, house, techno, electronic or any other golden oddities.



Shale Gas EP- Quarion

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