Les Disques De La Mort

Filling the void between the after party and the afterlife seems to me the new niche Ivan Smagghes label is proposing, starting with some warped funk via Manfredas.

Smagghe is good a keeping clear of trodden paths to take you on the slowest dirty rout he can till the sunrises and  his new LDdlm series will do just that.

This release by Manfredas – PinkIndustry EP exploits some pretty crooked electronic action  while being driven by some serious finger bass funk!  The flipside gives way to two reinterpretations of Square lights via Zongamin, taking serious rhythmic synth stabs and pads almost to boiling point and then changing the recipe to bring a new bizarre fusion of late night craziness.

Les Disques De La Mort is one to look out for if you want to stay clear of any overcooked trends!


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