Polar Inertia’s stories from a new era

polar inertia

This is not the first time we mention Polar Inertia. Our last reference was the Sonic Outlaws by Polar Inertia on Field Records. This was just a sample behind this polymorphic concept. A sample that makes you want more and more.

Polar Inertia  is a story,a project representing a balance between contemporary art and eclectic deep electronic sound. Polar Inertia is art and passion for the high aesthetics. Fine taste, mysterious background.

Between cinematographic sceneries and electro ambient. A noisy evolution of a futuristic perspective.

Giving expectations of a new era of mind freedom.

Computers, machines and people in a perfect harmony, working all together towards a new stage of life.

Lost in the amazing  “Secret Thirteen Mix 131”. Time for reflection and insight under a sci fi atmosphere.

Amazing inspiring and trippy live recording by Polar Inertia.

Fasten your seatbelts________

Also check > http://www.abilenegallery.com/index.php?/exhibition/polar-inertia-mar-2013/

***Photo by Polar Inertia’s tumblr  http://polar-inertia.tumblr.com/***

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