10 pearls by Purl (SE)


Purl is Alveol and Alveol is Ludvig Cimbrelius. The man  behind some amazing releases of drifting  ambient and dub techno.

Above all his music is  feelings and what we really love in this artist is that his spirit reflected to his music 100%.

His words coming up on his profile as Alveol are very touching for people who live through the music.

Ambient is not an easy thing, and Purl knows how to do it. After my conversation with him I realised one more time that this kind of music is coming directly from the soul. It enlightens the mind and brings the catharsis. These are the emotions and thoughts while listening to the music.

Numerous LPs and EPs in various exquisite labels such as Dewtone Recordings, Absurde, Silent Season and Eter Records. Swedish cold nights warmed up with all this melodies and sounds like lullabies.

We are really happy to know some of the  records that influenced such an artist. So we let him speak about them:

“There are plenty of genres that I love that are not represented on this list (like r’n’b, pop, 80-s soul and atmospheric drum & bass for example), but these are 10 artists and albums that in different ways have been deeply influential on my musical journey… in no particular order:

1) Stars of the Lid – the Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid [2001]

2) Bvdub – Don’t Say You Know [2012]

fav purl

3) Harold Budd / Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois ‎ – The Pearl [1984]


4) Mnemonic45 – Live at Radio Kanal 103 [2014]


5) Constance Demby – Sunborne [1980]

fav purl 1

6) 154 – Strike [2004]

Strike 154 LP fav Purl 
7) Ulf Lohmann – Because Before [2001]

purl fav
8) Gas – Zauberberg [1998]

Fav Purl Gas_zauberberg_cover 
9) Shuttle 358 – Understanding Wildlife [2002]

purl fav
10) Hari prasad Chaurasia & Shivkumar Sharma – The Valley Recalls – Raga Bhoopali (Volume 2) [2000]”

Apart from the above, he did not forget to mention Kate Bush and Björk some of his muses…

Thank you Purl!

“Music has always been a way for me to reconnect with expansive feelings, and I believe thats why I have felt such a strong passion for exploring this realm. To me, music is the language of the soul, translated into sound vibrations that we can perceive in the physical realm of this planet at this time. Ludvig Cimbrelius”

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