T.O.P. Podcast series: ((Cave)) Recordings(US)

Devoted to the cassette music world, ((Cave)) recordings directly  from San Francisco are coming  to inspire us with a unique mix, reminding us the first days of the good electronic sound. A mix as per our humble opinion very closed to Klaus Schulze’s aesthetics. A great sample of what these two guys are doing.

Dedicated to lo-fi, entropic sounds, Rob Thurtle and Ben Seevers have been putting out editions of handmade cassettes as ((Cave)) Recordings for over five years. The operation began primarily to release the recordings of friends and local San Francisco Bay Area projects. Over the years, the label has become a growing network of international artists working in experimental sound.

This is a mix entirely comprised of tapes pulled from Rob’s tape vault and is dedicated to the vibrant DIY cassette scene.

Experimental, dreamy and abstract melodies from another dimension, coming together,  holding our mind as a new born baby.

We thank you guys for the excellent communication with us and this amazing mix that we are really proud to share on T.O.P. An absolute “tale of psychofonia”.



artist          tape label
Coutie Tree                 >>> forthcoming ((Cave))
Les Halles Invisible Cities   Constellation Tatsu
RAGS Belief in an Order of Meaning ((Cave))
Softlight Reveries Midnight, Glide Through Your Fears Scott’s Cloud
Angel 1 FY Lillerne Tapes
Sleep Fern Curtilage Ratio Self-released
Ahnnu        Battered Sphinx NNA Tapes
Ray Phase Tropic Montello Fish Rotifer
Mahjoop >>> forthcoming ((Cave))
Masayuki Imanishi Cycle A Giant Fern
Olli Aarni Pohjoisen Kesa Jozik
Sunny Dunes              >>> forthcoming ((Cave))
Brainworlds Solar Plexus               Sonic Meditations
Paul Hares >>> forthcoming ((Cave))
(Visible) Cloaks s/t Sun Ark
Ahnnu                          Battered Sphinx NNA Tapes
Dolphin Tears Jazz Cameo                Mini Ballet
The Ether Staircase    Adjunct Prefect ((Cave))

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